Archie's Pix

Archie and other Various People

F1 L-Harry, R-Archie

F2-Aunt Ede in Foreground

F3-Great Uncle Bus and Archie

F4-?, Archie (prewar), Great Grampa Henry

F5-? and Cecil

F7-Archie and 3 women

F8-Aunt Ede and her Chickens

F9-Archie, Bus and three women

F10-Possibly Harry? or Henry?

F11-Archie Front Middle

F12-Left-Uncle Bus near the Fall Creek House

F13-Archie Top, Harry-Right

F14-Great Uncle Bus

F16-Aunt Edith or Aunt Bernie at Lincoln Street house?

F18-Archie in background

F21-Aunt Edith or Aunt Bernie

F22-Archie Front Center, Bus right

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