The Nord, Stromwall, Swanquist & Luly Families

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Myrtle & Janis Stromwall (3 months Myrtle Nord, Mary Larson, Grandpa Nord & Caroline Knutson - Hibbing, 1927 Myrtle Nord - 1912 (13) Myrtle Nord - 1918 Nurse's Training, St. Paul Myrtle Nord - 1920 Jolaine, Papa & Jill - Toledo 1950 Myrtle, George & Teddo Jill, Nana & Baby Jolaine Stromwalls Myrtle Nord Teddo as a boy with Prince Jill & Jolaine Janis & Joyce - July 1954 Nana, Teddo, Jill, Jo & Kathy Janis Christmas 1950 Janis 1950 (Senior in HS) Papa Kathy in her slicker Joyce, Mike, Kathy & Nana Mike Grandma Luly & Joyce Teddo, Jill, Jo, Nana, Joyce & Kathy Summer 1958 Picnic Eric Nord 1941 Hibbing, MN (age 72) Teddo, Janis, Myrtle - July 1941 Janis - October 1947 George Luly Nana & Newborn Jill Joyce, Robert & Newborn Jill Jolaine at Sand Lake

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