The Nord, Stromwall, Swanquist & Luly Families

I added this page December 7th...Just a few shots I dug out while flipping through her pictures tonight. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


Joyce's Senior Tea May 1941 - Age 17 Joyce's Junior Prom - 1940 Baby Joyce - July 1924 Joyce and Sam Owens...The Sheriff Joyce-Age 18 - On the photo, 'You lost one of those mittens before the newness even wore off, remember?' Joyce Joyce on the boat Joyce on the boat - On the back she wrote 'Looking up at my George' Joyce - Fireplay Joyce's New Bike - 1935, Jackson Street Joyce and Dar? Joyce (center) - 1935 Joyce and Kathy? JOyce's Birthday Granny, Janix Christmas 1940 Granny at the beach Nurse Joyce Holy 70's...Is this an ad for pantsuits in a JCPenney catalog?  Where's Mike with that fluffy hair of his? Joyce & Jill at the beach Nana, Joyce & Teddo at the boat Joyce Joyce & Dar - June 1940

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