The Nord, Stromwall, Swanquist & Luly Families


These are the first slides I've shot and I got quite a laugh out of some of them. The color's a little crazy, and some are a little blurred and faded from years of storage, but I hope you enjoy.


Mike Mike & Papa - First Bike Papa carves the turkey A man and his grill Jill, Papa, Kathy, Teddo, Mike, Nana, Jo George & Joyce ??? Mike & Kathy Nana, Teddo, Kathy & Mike Joyce & George Mike & Kathy - Valentine's Day Mike & Papa Mike & Kathy ??? The stockings were hung by the chimney with care Nana & Granny by the fire Nana & Teddo Kathy, Jo, Jill & Mike Christmas Kathy's Dollhouse Jo sure looks excited, Kathy, Nana, Teddo, Mike & Jill The Family Joyce at the Badlands Nana & Teddo and the kids Nana & Teddo at the Badlands Mike and Kathy Mike & Kathy Teddo & Nana and Joyce?  This really is like this...They must have shot into a funhouse mirror. Quite a Christmas Tree

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