My Favorite Images by Jill Howland Photography

My Favorite Images

...and the stories behind them...

Cedar Waxwings are both elusive and beautiful.

The mountains of North Carolina in Septmber of 2008.

SC37 - The Japanese Garden at Sonnenberg Gardens. This spot made me feel so calm and tranquil with the dragonflies buzzing, the bullfrogs croaking & the wind rustling the trees.

FW33 - These black eyed susans just pop with vibrance.

FD33 - I love bright colors.

AD7 - I love the perspective on this dragonfly and the way the vines are curling around her.

AF15 - A handsome bullfrog chirruping in the pond at Sonnenberg.

SF44 - Fillmore Glen Waterfall.

AG22 - A father Canada goose and his gosling at Montezuma Wildlife Refuge.


AH26-This black crowned night heron was following me around Montezuma this winter.

FD29 - A Pink Spider Gerbera. This image always brightens my mood.

FT22-Tulips at the Biltmore botanical garden in North Carolina.

FG24-These purple allium were outside the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls, Canada and they always remind me of a great day with Jenny.


AI78-The first time I captured motion...

IT16-The Mundy Wildflower Garden at the Cornell Plantations.

SF68-The first image of Taughannock I've ever actually liked. (..and believe me I see a lot of them.) I never noticed the heart shaped opening to the falls.


Blue Dart Frog - I took this image at the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls, Canada. - AF6


Sunset at Stewart Park

What a bizarre looking little butterfly. His colors, his giant eye, his tiny little feet on the leaves of the branch. AB35

This sunflower against a blue sky just makes me smile. - FS5

This reed is in front of my parent's house and is the first picture I ever took that I felt was perfect. The angles, the colors, the sky...everything came together for this image. - FF2

Dad's dahlia. This was shot in my parent's back yard. A beautiful flower, on a beautiful day. And anyone who knows him, knows what that big sunny flower meant to him. - FC24

This is my favorite local image at Stewart Park. This is one of those images that you put yourself into and just imagine the silence and peacefulness around you. That's exactly how the day was on an early Sunday Morning. - SW10

This is the small fishing area at the bottom of Summer Hill. It always makes me think of going to Moose Run and is always buzzing with butterflies and other critters. - SC44

Autumn Maple leaves at Ludlowville Park. The dark blue sky shining through accentuates the rich hues of the yellow and orange leaves. - SA7

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